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" So?" 

" Why are you telling me?" 


I was looking through the Lin folder of icons that i have on my computer that were all made by Sarah for Lin, and I’m fucking dying 


(*flops around on my personal at 5AM*)

I think I’m going to reblog more homestuck now



Since we’re all reminiscing about ye olden fandom days, I’m wondering:

  • how many of you guys were actually on tumblr for the Book 1 premiere?
  • were you ATLA fans before LoK, or did you go in knowing nothing?
  • when did you start shipping your main LoK ship, if you ship any?

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Me! I’ve been on tumblr since 2011- but I got into Korrra like two weeks before it officially aired on televsion, and I made this blog on June 2nd, 2012- it’s going to be two years old this June. Before this I had a Tenzin blog, that I made… hmmm I don’t remember exactly when

but yeah. He was an AU Tenzin who had given up his bending to protect his kids

he was a sweetie 

yes I was, but not nearly as much as I am now.

The day I made this blog. Like, that was the day I realized it was a thing I could ship, and I wasn’t the only one who thought Saikhan and Lin might be an interesting pair. It was the Saturday night after When Extremes Meet aired that I made this blog, with the same url and 

this as my icon

thats also the night I first started rping with Sarah


thats my story

sort of

Stop fighting yourself and start fighting for yourself.

— (via coiling)

"…I may have gotten sunburn."

"Drawing actually sounds nice." At the very least it would give her something productive to do. "Please?"

" Sure." Saikhan rose quickly from his seat on the couch next to her, straightening his boxers absently as he stood. It was a hot night, and so he’d foregone the clothes he’d gone out in earlier for only the boxers underneath and a light shirt, that he found himself tugging off absently as he made his way towards the bedroom.

A few minutes later he returned, sans shirt and with a pack of pencils and one of Lin’s many sketchbooks in hand. He grinned at her as he moved to sit back next to her, and handed her the supplies. 

" Any ideas in mind?" 




" What, kid?" 




" Why?" 

"That is some expensive jewelry."

" It was a gift." 

"Uugh, yes." She sat up, leaning over against his sholder. "It doesn't help that I'm so /restless./ I feel like running a marathon. And breaking things. Neither of which i have the energy for."

" Well, I could bring you something to bend." He suggested, trying to think about what they had in the cabin that he could haul out for her to bend. Or- 

" I’ve got your sketchpads packed away in the bedroom. Want me to go get one for you?" 



" Ah- 5’6, 5’7 on a good day." 


" Why do you care, kid?" 


Don’t call me that.”

" What, kid?" 

"How do you get your hair like that?"

" How do you mean?" 

" I balded."