~Come Morning Light~

They had fallen into a routine over the past week.

During the day, they would sleep.

Curled around one another on the lumpy, hard mattress, sometimes her resting against his chest, sometimes her arms around his waist and flush against his back, it changed depending on the temperature and if they were being watched, but they were always touching, always connected.

They were all each of them had, and they clung to one another like a lifeline, even in rest.

He’d wake with her breath soft against the back of his neck, or her hand clasping his, and his lips would twitch into a small smile and his gaze would soften as he turned to watch her, knowing that they’d made it through another night, that they were both alive and breathing.

It kept their guards complacent, if they slept all the time, and gave them time at night, when no one was on guard, when no one was around and it was just them in the darkness…

To plot. To train. To spar and sharpen their skills, just so that when they did have their chance, they would be ready, and they would escape. Because they had to. They had no choice - they weren’t the kind of people to be okay with wasting away in a cell while their city that they’d sworn to protect crumbled, and they wouldn’t be contained by iron bars and stone walls.

They hadn’t before, and they wouldn’t now, even if their methods wouldn’t be the same.

" Lin, I don’t see why this is nescessary." Saikhan protested, shifting from an offensive stance into a defensive one; she had just asked him to chi-block her, in the points in her arms where there was cloth and leather, not metal, and he was… 

Reluctant, to say the least, and while he was willing to push himself to the breaking point for this escape, and had - there wasn’t a moment now where his lungs didn’t burn and he didn’t feel on the verge of an attack, at least when they were training, and his bruises had turned to sickly yellow- but he wouldn’t push her in the same way.

"I’ll hurt you."